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During his career and lifetime, Steve had fun(music) facts that he liked to share with friends, students and admirers:  

G. Favorite Jazz Standards:
1. I Could Write A Book: Rodgers and Hart
2. Take the A Train: Billy Strayhorn
3. Like Someone In Love: Jimmy Van Heusen, Music, Johnny Burke, Lyrics
4. My Funny Valentine: Rodgers and Hart
5. The Girl From Ipanema: Jobim
6. My Romance: Rodgers and Hart
7. Black Orpheus: Louis Bonfi
8. Green Dolphin Street: Kaper and Washington
9. Freddie the Freeloader: Miles Davis
10. Sugar: Stanley Turrentine
11. On A Clear Day: Burton Lane, Music, and Alan Jay Lerner, Lyrics
12. Autumn Leaves: Joseph Kosma, Music, and Johnny Mercer,
13. Georgia: Hoagy Carmichael
14. Summertime: George Gershwin
15. Satin Doll: Ellington

H. Favorite Raybine Songs:
1. Jonathan's Dream
2. Bad Kat Karma
3. Breckenridge Blue
4. Indigo Night
5. Bop City
6. Coffee Break (New CD)
7. Cha Cha Cool
8. San Diego Surf
9. Sno'Fun: Auracle Days (Glider)
10. I Told You So
11. Tree of Life

Artists/Groups you'd like to perform with:
1. Rippingtons
2. BWB
3. Brian Culbertson
4. Sting
5. Paul McCartney
6. Guitars, Saxes, and More Tour

J. Most Influential Music Teachers:
1. John Harmon: Jazz Piano and Jazz Theory
2. Jim Audiss: Drum set
3. Dr. James Croft: Concert/Symphonic Band
4. Leroy Wolter: Jazz Band
5. Sally Thompson: Piano
6. John Baldwin: Marimba
7. Gary Burton: Vibes and Jazz Improvisation
8. Bill Dobbins: Jazz Piano, Jazz Composing and Jazz Improvisation
9. John Beck: Concert Percussion
10. Tom Davis: Vibes and Jazz Improvisation
11. Alan Dawson: Drum set
12. Jim Latimer: Vibes and Jazz Improvisation
13. Ray Wright: Arranging
14. Teo Macero: Jazz Composing

K. Favorite Places I've Performed at:
1. Montreux Jazz Festival: Montreux, Switzerland
2. Genuine Jazz Festival: Breckenridge, CO.
3. Donte's: North Hollywood, CA.
4. Baked Potato: North Hollywood, CA.
5. The Roxy: Hollywood, CA.
6. Thorton Winery: Temecula, CA.
7. The Lighthouse: CA.
8. The Golden Bear: Hermosa Beach, CA.
9. Kansas City Jazz Museum: Kansas City, MO.
10. Taste of Denver: Denver, CO.
11. Grand Opera House: Oshkosh, WI.
12. Numerous Colleges and Universities

L. Favorite Musicians I've performed with:
1. Rick Braun and Steve Kujala from my Auracle days and more recently, with Rick's Band-Reyford Griffin on drums.
2. Michael Feinstein: Great Singer/Pianist and Entertainer.
3. Ndugu Chancler: Drummer from L.A.
4. Karrin Allyson's Band: Great Combo (I played Gary Burton's charts)
5. Dave Brubeck: Great Musician and Person
6. Chad Stoner: My Saxophonist-Great Feeling, with Soul

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